Options Class Reference

Options class, stores all options and helps parsing. More...

#include <optparse.h>

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Public Types

typedef bool(*) option_validator (const String &)
 Callback used to impose constraints on options.
typedef int(*) generic_callback (int, const String &)
 Generic callback type.

Public Member Functions

int addOption (const String &p_short, const String &p_long, const String &p_help, int p_flags, option_validator p_validator=NULL)
String asString (const String &p_opt)
bool isSet (const String &p_opt)
void setErrorCallback (generic_callback p_callback)
void setHelpCallback (help_callback p_callback)
void reset ()


class Parser

Detailed Description

Options class, stores all options and helps parsing.

Member Function Documentation

int Options::addOption ( const String &  p_short,
const String &  p_long,
const String &  p_help,
int  p_flags,
option_validator  p_validator = NULL 

p_short String describing the short form of this option, e.g "-s"
p_long String describing the long form of this option, e.g. "--start"
p_help Documentation for this parameter, e.g. "Start the server"
p_flags Flags for this option
p_validator Callback used to validate the value of the argument (NULL if no validation required or no argument for this opt)
E_ERROR when there was a failure allocating memory

E_INVALID if both option strings are empty or the option was given a validator even if not needed

E_OPT_DUPLICATE if there was another option by this name

E_OK if everything went ok

String Options::asString ( const String &  p_opt  ) 

p_opt String containing the option whose argument is to be retrieved
Argument given on the commandline to the requested option

Empty string in case the option is invalid or missing or no argument was found

bool Options::isSet ( const String &  p_opt  ) 

Example: bool b = isOptionSet("-s");

p_opt String containing the option to look for.
true If the option was specified on the command line

false Otherwise

void Options::setErrorCallback ( generic_callback  p_callback  ) 

Sets callback for invalid command line options encountered

p_callback Pointer to function to call on invalid opts

void Options::setHelpCallback ( help_callback  p_callback  ) 

Sets callback for help generation (invoked when encountered) -h or --help. If not set, default will be used

p_callback Pointer to function to call on help generation.

void Options::reset (  ) 

Reset the options object

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